Hendrickson lab outside

Lab Photo Summer 2020. Photo credits: Owee Yulo of cartwheel images

Current Hendrickson Lab Members:

Associate Professor: Dr Heather Hendrickson


physical: Julius von Haast Building| School of Biological Sciences| University of Canterbury |
tel: // email: h.hendrickson(at)canterbury.ac.nz

Heather Hendrickson

Postdoctoral Scholar: Dr Danielle Kok

PhD: Active Bacteriophages for AFB eradication in NZ.

Honours project: Predation and the evolution of cell shape


physical:Julius von Haast Building | School of Biological Sciences | University of Canterbury |


Danielle Kok

M.Sci. Student: Ms Briar Collins

Degrading plastic with microbial communities




Hendrickson Lab



Recent Former Hendrickson Lab Members:

Dr Jasper Perry

The evolution of endosmybiosis  

Newcastle, Australia



Jasper Perry

Dr Farhad Golzar

"Experimental Evolution under predation in Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25.".

Auckland, New Zealand



Mr Evan Kear (MSc)

"Visualising Viscosin production in Pseudomonads responding to physically complex environments"

 Christchurch, New Zealand   


Ms Diana Zhou (MSc)

New Zealand Bacteriophages for Aquaculture;


Cawthron Institute, Nelson, New Zealand


Diana Zhou

Research Officer: Dr Mike Miller

"Experimental Evolution of endosmybiosis. DNA replication termination. Evolution of cell shape."

Geneius Bioinformatics Software, Auckland, New Zealand  


Dr Paul -Richard- Yulo

Evolution of Cell Shape

Microscopy, University of Auckland

Richard Yulo

B. Sci. Student: Ms Courtney Armstrong

Protozan Predation Project;

Courtney Armstrong
Hendrickson Lab